Wednesday with Westynn

Hey everyone! It's been two weeks since I got my tiny hands on this keyboard and filled you in on my life!

Let's start with my trip to Iowa. It was fun as Mom mentioned, but I definitely don't like being in the car for 20 out of 72 hours! I hope Aunt Janelle and Uncle Jeff move closer before I get much bigger. I know I am going to have fun playing with Jace and Jordyn when I get big enough to.

Then we had Thanksgiving last week! I am sure mom showed you the pictures of us in our Turkey shirts, but just in case you missed it, here it is again.


Mom sure was happy that we all wore our shirts without throwing any fits! Later in the day, after everyone had seen us, I showed Momma what I really thought of her turkey shirts! HeeHee!!

We had lots of family here to. Last Wednesday night Grandma Robin and Papa Jene had us all out to their house for supper. There were lots of big kids...much bigger than me! And there was another little girl there who liked me almost as much as my sister does. Maddie doesn't have any little brothers or sisters, so she thought it was pretty cool to play with me. But there came a point in the evening when I had had enough of two little girls mothering me!


This week has been a fast one! It is just flying by. Seems like since December hit we have just been busy, busy! Over the weekend, Momma put up a "Christmas Tree." Again, this is one of those things that puzzles me. It's a big white tree with colorful lights and ornaments all over it. The furniture had to be moved all around and now Momma is always telling the big kids to "leave the tree alone!" I am guessing that she doesn't want them to break anything, but just wait until next year and I can really keep her busy!!!

So on to today's picture{s}!


Here's me sitting in the Bumbo seat that Aunt Janelle sent home with us. I like that I can sit up and see what is going on around here, but my head gets heavy in a hurry...Momma says it is my cheeks that weigh me down!


I LOVE chewing on my fingers and I can slobber up a storm!


Like my eyebrow?! This cracks my mom up when I do this!


Me after bath time. I was just chillin' in the tub with my brother and sister tonight. And I really got a kick out of watching my toes...I usually can't see them!


Another adorable face! And just check out the arm chub...

My momma is definitely over-the-top in love with me! It doesn't matter what I do, she thinks it is fantastic. She tells me over and over again how glad she is that I came along...what would we do without Westynn, she says! And I admit that I think I am pretty lucky that God gave me this family...they are all pretty special!

'Till next week! Peace out!


Meg said...

He's adorable! I think he's starting to look like Preston!

The Murphy's said...

Lol! Westynn can join our "chubby cheek club"! I asked Dr. Cannata about Ellie not being able to hold her head very good when she was little. She would slouch so bad, Joe always said it was because she was holding up 3 lbs of cheeks. Then Dr C said "she might just have a heavy head!" So Joe was right! Lol Too cute!