More Grocery Saving Strategies

A few more things to follow up with my Menu Planning post.

1. I try really hard to go to the store ALONE! This means quicker trips through the store, no distractions and no asking, "Mom, can I have xyz?" Grocery shopping has become one thing I actually look forward to because of the solitude...LOL!

2. I never pay full price for meat! Now granted, we have our own beef processed and that helps tremendously, but we do like to have chicken and pork every once in awhile. So these items are only purchased when they are one sale. And when chicken breasts go on sale I stock up big time, because they are usually about half the price. You can put these right into the freezer when you get home and pull it out when you are in the mood for chicken. Just add it to your menu...but not your shopping list for that week!

3. Paper products...always on sale and usually try to find a coupon! Never, ever pay full price for paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

4. SNACKS! This is something every household with small children needs and it can easily get out of control quickly. I buy in bulk {I like to do this at Sam's when possible} and then put smaller portions into snack size baggies. Does this take a little extra time? Yes and no. It does take a time committment at the beginning to bag them all up, but when it is time for the kids to have a snack they can simply go to the snack basket and pick what they want...needing no help from me. So you can see how this evens out. Our snack basket is located in a low cabinet where the kids can get to it on their own. It does have things in it that require some assistance, like popcorn, but that is okay with me. The kids also know that they can have fruit or cheese if they want, they just ask for help. Cheese is another thing...I always buy the blocks and cut them up. Again, not as convient as the string cheese or other, but cheaper!

5. Coupons! This is one area I am working on, because it takes a little more work than the others. Why? Well for starters we don't subscribe to a Sunday paper, so that means that I have to go online to get them. This isn't a HARD task, just one that takes some time and sometimes time is a precious commodity at our house!!  I use a couple of sites, coupons.com and redplum.com. But I just got a new copy of Family Fun magazine and it had a few more...
I haven't tried any of these yet, but I intend to!   What I like about coupons.com is that you mark the coupons you want and then print...only getting the ones you want and will use!  Speaking of use, the key to successful coupon shopping is to only use coupons on things you like and use.  For example, don't clip a coupon for a type of cereal that no one in your family likes...and especially don't buy that cereal!  This defeats the purpose of using a coupon!!!

Menu planning and saving money on your grocery bill will quickly become like a game you play with yourself and you will find yourself trying to "out-do" your last trip to the store!  If you have any tips or hints for saving money on your grocery bill, please share in the comments.  Melissa, I know you have some wisdom to share...you are the QUEEN of good deals!!!

Have fun planning your menu and shopping list for next week!  Don't forget to take your re-usable shopping bags with you to the store!!

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