More Projects

So, lately I have been "in waiting"!!  Ha.  Actually, I have been waiting for some sewing supplies to arrive in the mail, which means I have been at a stand still with the apron making.  But, I had to do something so I have been busy working on these things this week.

A felt flower pin...a lucky young lady might be getting this with her new apron!!

An adorable pink felt and brown fabric that has been "roughed" up!

And some terrific little clutches! I am calling them the "carry" clutch, but Cambree has deemed them the blueberry pie clutch...she's a silly girl!



This butterfly garden clutch has a cute little felt flower that has glitter...this was a fun one to do with Cambree, she is all about the sparkle!

A more "square" size clutch.

And to give credit, where credit is due, Cambree was the one who came up with the idea to put the flowers on the front. I had been putting the buttons on the front and she had one of the flower pins and asked if I wanted to pin it on the bag! Now, why hadn't I thought of that...I tell you, that girl is brilliant. I just grabbed her little cheeks and gave them a squeeze and told her how much I LOVED her idea.

I have two of the top clutch, two of the butterfly garden clutch and one of the square clutches if anyone is interested. If you want measurements I would be happy to provide as well. Just leave me a comment. I also hope to have more pins available soon...maybe the weekend will provide time for some crafting!


mom said...

OOO LA LA love them all... I have my pink and red flower pin on today....Of course I'll buy one or 2 for myself....

Of Course CAMBREE has some ideas about style...she gets it honestly in her 'genes'...let her imagination rock and roll.....

Pink rules!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Sara, I love these clutches - so pretty! I also like the quilt you're making for Cambree. VERY PRETTY. :) I like the colors in it, and the patterns of the blocks.

Melissa said...

Ok...LOVE the clutches! In the spirit of your recent blogs on grocery shopping/coupon clipping...I think I am going to have to get one of these to put my coupons in!
You are so crafty and creative!
Email me about the clutches. :)