Routine week


We have just been enjoying our routine around here! Last night it was a beautiful night and we enjoyed some time spent outside. Jeremy and the kids jumped on the trampoline, until this happened...


Preston was riding on Jeremy's back playing "bucking bulls" when J's head hit P's nose. A risk you take when you ride the bull, but painful no less! These tears were just the start of our evening going downhill!


I still can't believe how dirty their little feet get while jumping!


I set up the camera and turned it over to Jeremy to snap some pictures. Now, this doesn't always turn out the way I want...he doesn't like to use my manual settings and will often change it while I am not looking. Then I get pictures that are slightly out of focus or don't have the lighting the way I want it! But, sometimes it does turn out just how I picture it in my mind!!! {Except for my eyes..I wish I had been looking at Westynn instead of at Jack}.


Chubba sure loved being outside with us!

And my FAVORITE picture of the evening!


This one is DEFINITELY getting printed, just have to decide how big and where to put it...maybe in the boys room. Since they don't have ANYTHING on their walls, hum??? Anyone who would like to come over and help me with the boys room is more than welcome. For some reason I just can't get any inspiration or motivation to get it done. Good thing they don't seem to care!!!

We are off to the basketball games tonight so that P can help with the homecoming activities and tomorrow Papa Rusty and Jennifer will be here to finish our Christmas celebrations! I am heading to this


for now to work on a quilt for Cambree for her birthday! I have 15 blocks completed so far, but the next set of 5 is going to take me awhile...good thing I started early! 

Have a Happy Weekend!

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