Boys Room

Okay, I am home sick today...YUCK!  Preston brought the bug home from school on Monday.  Was sick Tuesday and Wednesday, but went back today.

Guess who has it now?!  Funny thing is that it is affecting me totally different.  Last night as I got up to put Westynn to bed I got dizzy, but thought I had just gotten up too fast.  But I sat back down and it wouldn't go away.  In fact, it got worse and before I knew it the room was spinning around {and I hadn't inflicted any wounds on myself this time!}.  I decided to go shower and see if that helped...well I ended up in a laundry basket of clean clothes while trying to get some jammies!

I managed to stay vertical long enough to get clean, but knew I needed to head to bed.  I was seriously hoping that some sleep would take care of it...but no such luck!  At 10:00 when Westynn was up hungry and wanting to play {a bad habit he is trying to start and we are trying to prevent!} I was still no better.  Jeremy even had to catch me to keep me from going down to the floor.

It was a long night.  Each time I moved, I felt so dizzy and that in turn makes my stomach feel uneasy.  I told Jeremy this morning that I constantly feel like I am just getting off a amusement park ride!  And trying to take care of my babies is not an easy task.  For one thing, I don't trust myself completely carrying Westynn, but I have no choice, because he can't move yet!  So, I have spent some time formulating in my mind how to fall and save W from harm...let's just hope it doesn't come to that.

Anways, I am doing a lot of blog hopping while I am holed up in my chair.  Yes, I am that mom today who has turned on the cartoons for Cambree and is pretty much letting her do whatever she wants....she even did her own hair!  It's GREAT!  As long as she isn't bouncy all over my chair I don't care much what she is doing.

For quite some time I have been trying to figure out what to do with the boys room.  Well I think I might have found it today.  Look here and let me know what you think.  I think it fits Preston's personality perfectly and Westynn will just have to learn to be an outdoorsman!  Plus, since he already has a deer hanging on his wall, this will be perfect.  I will definitely change some things up, but what I like are the canoe, the thermos, jar with rocks, the saying she wants to put on the wall, and the curtains!

So, I am sure the better part of today will be looking for more inspiration for their room!  At least I am getting one thing on my list accomplished...SINCE I AM GETTING NOTHING DONE FOR THE BIRTHDAY PARTY WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE ON SATURDAY!!!

{I am trying not to get too stressed out about this, but my expectations are so high for this party and I have been looking forward to it for a month now!  I just want it to all go how I have it pictured in my mind.  And I know that it's not about the party, but it sort of is about the party when you have spent a month prepping and planning with your little girl and she is so excited about all the things you have done!}


Jessica said...

post some pics and send them to me when you get it done. . .i'd love to see if i can use some of your ideas!

The Murphy's said...

Cute! I found your 1st decoration! At Duckwalls today, I saw a sign (in the middle aisle) of a fish and below it it says "Fish at the Lake" in a wooden frame. Super Cute!

mom said...

Can't wait to help redo the boys domain...I am staying away til fri pm so I don't get sick too....this party will be a big and bootifull as your dreams....Get well soon...

Becky said...

Yuck! Hope you are feeling better today!
Room looks super cute!! We are getting ready to re-do and paint boys rooms. I hate painting.
And, toilet paper is on sale this week. AND I have a coupon!! There are only a few people I know who would "get" that thrill! =)