Butterfly Party Decor {long}

This post is about all of the details of Cambree's 4th birthday party!  When Cambree chose a butterfly theme, I had a hard time coming up with things to decorate with.  But over time and a lot of magazine browsing, blog stalking and nights awake, I came up with some cute things {at least I think so}!  So, here goes!
Straws with butteflies for each glass.

Cupcake stands with cupcakes.  I printed the wrappers and the toppers from my home computer.  I got the kit off the internet here.  The cupcake stands came from oriental trading.


Here's the dining room table all set for the kiddos!IMG_0139

The mantle above our corn stove...filled with pictures of the birthday girl, a coffee filter garland, and some other fun decorations that involved pages from an old church hymn book and lots of hot glue!IMG_0153

Our entertainment center was converted into gift central!  Those paper pom-pom flowers on top are what I was making when I lost the top of my finger!


The gift table. I made this tablecloth for Cambree's table and have since declared that I absolute will not be sewing wedding dresses, EVER! While this turned out pretty cute, it was a pain to sew together. Maybe I needed an extra set of hands to help manuever all that tulle!


This dresser by our front door held all sorts of goodies.


Flower pens for the "big girls" to take! Because, let's face it, the mom's always have the hardest part of getting ready for a party, whether it's your own or someone else's. {For those of you who didn't get one, I will make sure you get one next time I see you!}

Bubbles...which we were so fortunate to be able to use on a beautiful day!

And some candies, wrapped in more cute printables.

Jeremy's deer did not escape decoration! Cambree thought this was so funny!

The party favors! Bubble wands, butterfly nets and the little bags held butterfly gummies, a butterfly sucker, butterfly tatoos and pink gumballs! And the tags said, "Thanks for coming to my party! Love, Cambree"

Our drink station!

Rasberry Sherbert Punch! This is so yummy and so easy. One container of sherbert, one can pineapple juice and one 2 liter bottle of lemon-lime soda! Try it, your kids will love you and beg for it every birthday!

Strawberry Lemonade with frozen strawberries and lemons used to keep it cold!

WOW!! We made it through all the details. I have so much fun planning and prepping for the parties and it is evident from my kids reactions, that they enjoy it all as much as I do!

I can't bear the thought of getting rid off all these decorations, so if anyone would like to borrow them and have a butterfly party, just let me know; I would be happy to share!

Thanks for making it all the way through this long post.


mom said...

cute cute cute!!! as usual this party was the BEST!!! we are so glad we get to come help celebrate these important milestones in your children's lives....

Melissa said...

The decs were awesome! They made me look forward to spring! What a fun, super cute party!
P.S. I'll take dibs on using some of the decs for Harper's b-day party!

Kim @ Frostmeblog.blogspot.com said...

All the details are so cute! You really put a lot of time into that! the last pic - your drink dispenser is BEAUTIFUL!

Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
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Jodie said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you could tell me where you found some of the decorations. I was planning on doing a butterfly theme for my daughter's birthday in June. Thank you!