Monday Menu

Apparently the most interesting thing about my life right now is what happens in my kitchen.  But, that's okay, because it is one place I love to be.  Fixing a meal for my family is rarely a time I would rather be doing something else and it is generally relaxing and comforting to me.  There aren't a lot of gourmet meals planned or prepared in our kitchen, but hearty meals that soothe the soul and fill the belly. 

You might have noticed that I added a few new "pages" to my blog.  They are up under my banner.  One of them if for Retta Jane's and the other is for recipes.  I am working to include some of our family favorites and go-to meals up there.  I will also be happy to add any that I find while browsing the many {okay, there really isn't any word to describe the amount} other blogs I follow.

It has been requested that I post a sampling of our weekly menu.  So here's this week's menu.

Monday: Cavatini (recipe up soon), salad, corn, butterhorn rolls (another great recipe I will share)

Tuesday: Quick crescent Taco Pie, green beans, rice

Wednesday: Hamburger sliders, Mac & Cheese {not from a box}

Thursday: Steak, Fried Potatoes, Peas, Biscuits

Friday: French Toast, bacon, eggs

Saturday: no plan for today...will finish up the leftovers or something simple like grilled cheese

Sunday: Fellowship Dinner at church

So, that's the weeks meals. 


Becky said...

Well, those of us that are "challenged" see you as a bit of a kitchen queen. hehe Thanks for the ideas! I am in a food rut and am needing get some new recipes.

The Murphy's said...

How do you add another page to your blog? I have been thinking of doing a "food blog" and posting favorite recipes, but it would be easier to have a 2nd page to my blog!