Wednesday with Westynn

Hello peeps!  It's been awhile since I hi-jacked the ol' blog and I have much to tell you.  Well not really, but it sure seems like it in my little world.  Each day is a new adventure and I am a little sponge absorbing it all.

Let's see if I can do a little re-cap here.  I got to see my Papa Rusty and Jennifer a couple of weeks ago when they came up to see us for Christmas.  It was good to see them, but I did torture Papa a little by crying everytime he picked me up...I did smile at him a lot, but only if he wasn't holding me!  It was great fun and Jennifer got a BIG kick out of it.  The family did a lot of really weird things on the Wii and the Wii Fit.  Momma got some good video of Jennifer playing Indiana Jones with Preston and of everyone doing Hula Hoop!  It was so funny.  Momma really liked the Wii Fit and she thinks that she wants to get one too.

I have still been going to the church with Momma and CJ in the mornings.  I am getting a little restless there right now though.  I can't quite sit up on my own, but I don't like laying down much either.  Momma is becoming quite good at typing one-handed.  I think she gets worn a little thin with so many of us in her little office, but she still smothers me and sister with lots of hugs and kisses.

Did you check out that picture of me in the tub tonight?  Am I not looking sinfully adorable here?  I still love my bathtime and I have discovered my toes while bathing.  I can make them splash!  I also like it when Momma pours water out of a cup, but not really when she does it over my head.

I can roll over now, but I don't do it very often.  I mean, why would I when CJ does it for me whenever I get too fussy!  However, the carpet burn she gave me on the back of the head from pulling me across the floor wasn't so fun.  I didn't seem to care too much, but Momma got tired of explaining what the red mark on the back of my head was.  She sure does put up with a lot sometimes!  Like, she keeps trying to get me to roll over while she is videoing, but I am just not ready to be a video star just yet!

Well these tiny, chubby fingers of mine are getting tired and my eyelids are getting heavy, so I guess I had better sign off and head to the old crib to catch a few zzz's before it is time to get up and eat again.  Hopefully, Momma will let me post again next week and I won't have to write so much!

'Till Next Week
Peace Out,


Anonymous said...

Sinfully adorable ... yes, I can see that!


Melissa said...

Love his expression! :)
You've got to do a post of a picture of Preston at that age along side Westynn. I just have to see how much they look alike! Because I think they are the spitting image of each other!