Easter Countdown

While blog hopping about a week ago I came across a new blog, Eighteen 25, that I am just sure is going to be a new favorite of mine.  One of their very first posts was about this cute little Easter countdown.  You can go to their original blog post here to read about how they put theirs together.  They used cute little rub-ons to number their eggs.  I didn't have number rub-ons handy, and of course being 60 miles from the closest craft store meant I had to use the best thing available.


And the only egg carton I had was an ugly blue one, so I filled a cute basket with grass and nestled our egss inside instead.  The kids don't seem to care that they aren't in the egg carton.

Eighteen 25 has some good ideas for activities to fill your eggs with and I used some of their suggestions and then did a few of my own.  Here's what I did:

1 - Have an Egg Hunt
2 - Read an Easter Story
3 - Make an Easter Treat and EAT it!
4 - A piece of Easter Candy
5 - Send an Easter Card to a friend {friends these are going out in the mail tomorrow!}
6 - Candy
7 - Color an Easter Picture
8 - Have an Egg Hunt
9 - Decorate Easter Cookies
10 - Candy
11 - Dye Easter Eggs
12 - Clues to find their easter baskets

I took a look at our calendar and on the days that I knew we would be pressed to fit in another activity I simply put a couple pieces of Easter candy in the egg for the kids to enjoy.  They usually want to open the egg in the morning, so they think it is a real treat to get to eat a little piece of candy after their breakfast!

I also have to admit that I put the activities in the eggs in the wrong order, but didn't realize this until after we opened the first egg.  I decided to just go with it and it would be a counting lesson for Cambree...plus I didn't want to re-do it!

This really is fun and I am glad it is also something that can be done rather easily and repeated from year to year. 

{This is why I love blogging...there are so many resources for making every day special and exciting!}

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