Scrapbook Love

I have been working on getting caught up on my scrapbooks lately.  I have decided that if it is going to get done, digital is the way to go.  Here's a few that I have done in the last several months.  I whipped out the boys halloween pages this evening...much faster than my traditional scrapbooking methods.  Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE to play with paper and scissors and glue, but I also love my computer and this new digital scrapbooking thing!  I think my albums will be "hybrid" from now on.

WCS halloween09

PDS halloween09

Cambree halloween09

Valentine's Day 2008

preston bball camp 09

CJS Boots_Nov09


Rhonda said...

I enjoyed seeing your scrapbook pages! They're all good, but I have to admit I was partial to the pink cowgirl boots. :)

Melissa said...

Ooohhh...this makes me want to get together and scrapbook so bad! Love the pages!