Don't you just wish that dimples were ALWAYS this cute?!!

Can you believe this boy is doing this already?!!!

Is there something I can give him to just keep him like this forever?!!

Did you notice the little curl to his hair?!!

Why oh why does  my BABY have to keep getting bigger and bigger?!!

Is there another little brother on earth that looks more like his big brother than this one?!!

My heart has left my body and I found in the rolls of those chubby baby thighs...oh how the time is passing exponentially faster than it ever did before this little man made his way into my life!


Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness, too cute! He is growing fast.

Becky said...

*SQUEAL!* HOW CUTE!!!! My husband thinks I am a weirdo but I think baby bums are one of the cutest things ever! Clean baby bums, I mean! =)

mom said...

This is priceless!!!! just makes me want to pinch his booty!!!