A Little Birdie

If you had driven by our neck of the woods last week, you might have see this...

It's look ominous, but I promise it wasn't!  They had been told not to touch it, so they were using the bats to check and see if it was alive.  What, you ask?

This little fellow had apparently fallen from the tree during the high winds and somehow hurt himself.  The kids watched him for a LONG time waiting for him to fly away, but he just couldn't.  It was very obvious that the kids were making him very nervous, so I did manage to convince them to back up and see if the baby birds momma would come and help him.

Later that day we were coming home from running some errands and the baby had managed to get into the neighbor's yard and out of the street.  Just as we were pulling into our driveway, we noticed the Momma bird come down from the tree and bring her baby some food.  It was so sweet to witness and the kids thought it was pretty cool how he was being taken care of.

For several days, the kids would go out and check the neighbor's yard for the bird.  He was there for a day or two and then he was gone.  We sure hope that he was able to recover and return to the nest.


Becky said...

How sweet!

Rhonda said...

What a lesson that is. :)

princessdiva said...

We love, LOVE to watch birds here!!They are so funny and interesting!! Hope the little guy made it fine!