Pool Daze!

Summer is officially in high gear around here! You may have guessed as much from the lack of posting going on. T-ball is finally over and I feel like life will return to normal, sort of! At least it seems like we can relax a little and enjoy the days.

What have we been doing? Spending our days at the pool...one of our fav places on earth!

Westynn is good for about an hour and then he is ready to head back to the house, get a snack and get cool.  He's not much for being in the sun and being hot.  He enjoys the water though.

He really likes it when Grandma Robin comes to the pool to play. Sometimes she even gets in the big pool and plays, but I am pretty sure that if I put a picture of that on the blog she would disown me. She doesn't look bad at all, but I know she would still dislike having evidence of her in a bathing suit!

Cambree Jane is a F.I.S.H.  She thinks she is a lot bigger than she really is.  Here's a few more pictures of her enjoying her time at the pool.

{I just love this picture...not sure why exactly, but I do!}

{Another Fave!!}

Sorry about all the pictures of CJ, but I just couldn't choose which to share and which to leave out, so you get them all!

Preston is a BIG SHOT swimmer this year. He passed his test which means he can swim in the deep end and go off the diving boards without Mom being down there with him. Mom is not so sure about this, but he is confident he DOES NOT need to be supervised. Little does he know that even though I might not be right there on the edge of the pool, I am watching him like a hawk!! Enjoy some pics of Mr. P.

I am so thankful that my kids are water babies!  It would seem sort of strange to see a mother of three enjoying the pool without her kids, don't you think?  We all come home exhausted and sometimes I wish for the day when I can just be a bathing beauty {wink, wink} lounging on the side of the pool while the kids enjoy the pool with their friends.  But then I remember that by the time they are old enough for that they won't want me there with them, so I will take the exhaustion and the massive amounts of towels that need to be laundered and savor each moment for now!


Rhonda said...

Cute pictures! They just make you want to jump in and get cool, too. :) LOL about "not putting a picture" of your mom. It's good to see the pool, I sure enjoyed it there when I was a kid!

Becky said...

It's so scary that first year they pass their test, isn't it??

princessdiva said...

We stopped at WW waterpark on our way home from dropping the big boys at camp. It rocks!! Three hours went by in a blink-I had to haul Cami out of there KICKING AND SCREAMING like I chewed off her arm with my teeth. My kids love the water too!! It's a great thing!