The following conversations/comments are just for my personal log.  I don't want to forget them, they are so sweet.

In Dodge.
Going to Hobby Lobby.
Kids are asking about lunch.

Me: "You can get Happy Meals if you are REALLY good in Hobby Lobby."
Kids: "K"
Me: "That means no asking for things and no I wants. Think you can handle that?"
Cambree: "I won't ask you for anything Mom.  I will just ask you about Oscar, K?"

Preston looking through his photo albums.
Browing the first year.

P: "This sure brings back a lot of really good memories."

Preston combing hair after bath.
Mom in Cambree's room, she hears,

"No more chicken and gravy,
No more lovin' like crazy,
'Till you take me down to the little white church!"

Oh, how I love a good lyric!


Melissa said...

Those are great! Isn't it so much fun to record those things to look back at later? Kids will say anything!!!

Meg said...

How funny! Love the things little kids say!

princessdiva said...

They're funny aren't they!! And when they sound so grown up--it cracks me up!!