Where are the words?

Do you ever have the kind of days where you have a TON of things to say, but can't find the "right, politically correct, non-offensive" way to say them?

Today is that day for me!


Anonymous said...

I was at the ballgames last night, and I heard a lot of the things that are probably causing your "angst"! Do remember that it's really frustrating to be doing your job well, & hear someone trying to countermmand you. You are saddled with lots of firsttime players & parents, so your frustration level will be higher than when coaching experienced players. You're doing a good job. Remember that, and ignore that which will never change. He's been that way for years.

Rhonda said...


Anonymous said...

I hope Jeremy let you vent. Sometimes our husbands are the only people we can truly 'dump' on and not expect any backlash!