Swiming Lessons

We just completed our final day of swimming lessons! We had three days last week and three days this week.

I usually teach the 3 year old and 4 year old classes, but because I was still working at the school last week, another instructor taught them last week.  So on Friday, I was able to just sit back and watch.  It is such a different experience to watch the kids interact with another instructor. 

Cambree was her typical self and just swam all over the pool.  She probably should have been in the level I class, but going with the babysitter instead of a parent the first week, I thought it would be better to put her with her friends and where she would be comfortable.

I was disappointed that I didn't get to take any pictures of Preston...Westynn was not having any of it!  Preston did a super job as well.  He was able to move up to the Level II class this year.  They worked on their strokes and perfecting those and even got to do some swimming in the deep end.  Last weekend Preston even passed his test in the deep end, which means that he is now able to go off the diving boards by himself.   I am still the over-protective mom though and I won't let him go down there unless I am there with him.  He is really a terrific swimmer and I am proud of him for working so hard!

We can't wait to start spending the next 5 weeks practicing what we learned at swimming lessons this year!

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princessdiva said...

We misses swim lessons this year because of conflicting activities (and lots of them!) Cami would have loved them, even though she's only 2--she's a swimmer too! Enjoy your time off!