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That's the number of days {approximately} that i have been married to Mr. Stapleton

July 8, 2000
It was 108 degrees outside. 
The church air conditioner was running non-stop to cool the building holding the 300+ guests that joined us that day.

ALL of the food for the reception dinner was prepared by my Grandma Loretta and my mom.  I heard it was delicious...Jeremy and I never had a chance to sit and eat.

For months leading up to the wedding the house was covered with all things purple!

My Grandma had the MOST fun that day...even though I was the one getting married! 

We left the church in a horse drawn carriage & proceeded to sweat buckets in the heat, LOL!

Since that hot, steamy day in july we have spent 87,600 hours being husband and wife.  That's 5,256,000 minutes.  WOW, that's a lot of marital bliss.

Jeremy has driven me to the hospital, in labor, three times.  Twice in the middle of the night!

We have moved four times.

Jeremy has had three jobs, I have had three jobs!

We have purchased four vehicles.

Two houses have been "ours."

I am one lucky girl that's for sure!  Jeremy does his best to always make sure that I am happy...AND I try to make it easy for him! 

He is a great dad...always playing with the kids and spoiling them.  He makes me be the bad guy.

Here's the words from the card he brought me today:

"For my wife on our anniversary
I wish i could write a book with a special chapter on each of the reasons why my life is warmer, brighter, better, and a thousand times more fun because of you.
But there will never be pages enough or words enough, so let me try to fit all those good feelings into the three things I most want to tell you.
I love you more than ever.
I'm more thankful for you every day we're together.
And I hope you're as happy to have me in your life as I'll always be to have you in mine."

And those words pretty much sum up EXACTLY how I feel about him as well!!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Jeremy Dean!  I love you more now than I ever could have dreamed possible 10 years ago.


Rhonda said...

Beautiful testimony! Congratulations to you both! Many, many more blessed years ahead of you. :)

I remember your wedding - you were a HAPPY bride! That was so wonderful to see!

ragtime4361 said...

Our's was the 10th in April. It's so wonderful to know that love can grow exponentionally with each day! Tom & I have not had the joy of sharing OUR children, but we share our children & grandkids. Between us, we have 14 of them, & now 4 great-grands & one on the way. I enjoyed finding out how many minutes, seconds, etc that we've shared. Thanks for taking the time to post those facts! Our wedding day was a lovely spring day in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Thankfully, not hot like your day! Congrats once again!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on the Big "10"! Wow...I really can't believe it has been 10 years. That day was really HOT...but TONS of fun. Super glad I was able to be a part of it!

princessdiva said...

So I have to say it again. . WHERE DOES THE TIME GO???? As fast as it flies, like in 2 weeks you will be adding up how many hours 40 years accounts for!! Hope it was a great day!!