Happy 4th!

from my patriots to yours!

{And on a side-note, WHY is it so difficult to get  my very own flesh and blood to take a decent picture?!!}


Rhonda said...

Happy 4th to you all, too. :) I like the picture!

Melissa said...

Adorable!!! Westynn's hair is getting so blonde...super cute. Sometimes I just wonder when...if ever...I will get a perfect picture of my kids. Someone is always not looking, picking their nose, squinting their eyes...arghhh. But I bet those are the ones we will look back on in 10 years and love the most. Have a great 4th!

princessdiva said...

That's rule number 3 in the kids "How to make your parents crazy" handbook!! You should see some of the pictures that we have taken of all the cousins (11 of them) They are absolutely hillarious to watch the progression of problems through the multitude of pictures that we snap--hoping to get at least one that is semi-decent!! Better luck next time!