Toot, Toot

Today I am tooting my own horn!

Why? You ask?

Because I am on day two of single parenting and I need to feel good and whole again.  At the end of this long day there is no one here to toot my horn for me, except for you, my faithful blog followers!! {Oh, I just got a good laugh out of that one.}

Here's the breakdown of ALL that was accomplished today {in no particular order}:

washed sheets and made Westynn's bed
washed sheets and made Preston's bed
washed sheets and made Cambree's bed
washed sheets and made J&S's bed
{The above amounted to three loads of laundry!...All washed AND dried AND put back on the beds...I think it is some sort of record for me}
took kids to the new babysitters to meet her and check out the new place
gathered all the trash and took it to the curb for our delightful trash truck to come and haul off
broke into mom's hairdressers's van to check out a bedroom dresser {okay, I had her permission, but I still felt a little odd doing it on main street}
cleaned up cambree's room to make room for said dresser
cleaned J & S bathroom {FYI: Kaboom is AWESOME for your bathroom fixtures, makes them sparkle and shine!!)
hauled dresser out of mom's hairdresser's van and into cambree's room into the new clean corner
fixed lunch and fed to C & W
cleaned up kitchen
dropped Preston off at basketball camp
picked Preston up from basketball camp
re-heated lunch for Preston
top-stitched a boat load of apron straps
chatted with Traci for a few minutes after she came by
took three kids to swimming pool
helped Preston dive from the diving board
CRACKED up at Cambree...she did a FLIP off the diving board.  Might be the cutest thing I have ever seen at the pool!
fixed supper and fed kids
headed to get icee's...they were closed so we got floats
went to park to eat floats and play
gave baths
setlled a fight over the towels for the pool...I took the scooby doo towel!
took a shower
put kids to bed
trying to wrap my brain around the woman on t.v. who is demanding $7500 per month from her soon to be ex-husband...he is offering $6000 and she says that $7500 is "barely going to cover the things we really need."  Are you freaking kidding me?  She needs to come to our house and see just what $6000 a month can really do!

Okay, I feel much better now.  Don't you?  Don't you feel sorry for me?  No, really, you shouldn't.  While the day was exhausting, it was also EXTREMELY fulfilling.  This is my last week at home with the kids for the summer.  Monday morning means back to the daily grind for me.  And even though Jeremy is away getting bankers smarts and the day was long, I am going to go to bed feeling pretty good about it all.

My to-do list for tomorrow is no shorter than today's, but at least I know I will get at least one or two things marked off tomorrow as well.  I have some pictures and stories from vay-cay that I want to share here...maybe tomorrow I will squeeze it in! :)

Here's a little sneak peek at one of our great stories from our trip to Iowa...


princessdiva said...

HAHA!! Just laughing at the difference in how our days went!! Your's seemed full--Mine consisted of getting out of bed periodically to heave into the porclean throne!! I finally made it to the living room at about 9:45 TONIGHT!! My agenda for tomorrow--get out of bed; try and make it to work :-) I hope you all miss this terrible flu bug!!

Becky said...

WOW! You were busy!!
All the kids were talking about P, C, and "that cute baby." =-)

The Murphy's said...

Being a single party is so hard! Good job! Who is your new daycare? Hope it is STaci!!! She is great with the kids! Molly would be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did more in one day than I've done in the last month ~ way to go girl! And w/3 kids underfoot!