Cute Dessert and some Insight

See these cute cookies and cupcakes?

Have you been to a party or gathering where something like this has been on the table?

What do you do?

Eat one?

Leave them alone?

Are they just for decoration?
Are we supposed to eat them?

Let me shed some light on this tricky situation for you. Your hostess has either
A. Spent a LOT of time and energy on these cute treats
B. Spent a LOT of money to have someone else spend a LOT of time and energy to make these cute treats

That being said,


For the LOVE of all that is holy and sweet, you are insulting the baker/hostess by just leaving them on the plate!!

Take one and enjoy eating a CUTE and DELICIOUS treat.

And you can trust me here...

I have spent a great deal of time on all of the above requested treats and sadly watched as most of them went into the garbage...it is a very disheartening, irritating moment to watch it all "go down the tube."

So there, that's the answer to one of your most daunting questions! Seriously, I know you have all been on edge waiting to know the answer.

Happy Monday!


Rhonda said...

I'll tell you what, ALL those goodies look delicious!

Melissa said...

Don't you worry...I am always the first to dive into the sweet treats. Hehehe!!!! Especially all of the yummies you make! :)

Becky said...

Seriously, do you know how badly I want a cupcake now??