Updated 10th photo

Okay, here is how we look after TEN years of marriage! LOL!!  I SOOOO wish I had a wedding picture to share right now.  It is amazing how young and immature we look in it.  Not that I think we look old here, but we definitely seem to have a few years under our belts!

Jeff took this picture of us before he chauffeured us to downtown Des Moines to 801 Chophouse.  

It is a steakhouse.

It is expensive.  Our total bill was $136.15.

We have NEVER spent that much on a meal in ten years of marriage. 

20 years is when we will probably do it again.

I had a NY strip.  Jeremy had a Filet Mignon.  Mine was more tender.  His was more flavorful.

We shared Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Fried Zuccini and he had Sauted Mushrooms. 

The waiter brought us two glasses of wine.  I gagged.  Jeremy gagged it down.  It was $14 per glass.  We WON'T do that again!

Dessert was the best part.  I had New York Cheesecake and Jeremy had Chocolate Lava Cake.  Jeremy devoured his.  I savored mine.  Jeremy devoured what I wasn't able to finish.

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Janelle entertained the kiddos so we could enjoy the meal.  It was NICE! THanks, J & J!! We owe you one.

{I wish I had pictures of the restaurant and the meal, but I didn't want to haul my big camera  in...it was that type of place.  AND I figured it would be too dark to get a decent picture without a flash and I was right.  You will just have to use a little imagination!}

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princessdiva said...

I've always wanted to eat at a restaurant like that--in 16 years, haven't made it to one yet! My advice--next time drink your wine at a winery--and taste test before you buy!! There are a few wines that we like--but they have to be loaded with sugar, or bubbles, or even better--BOTH! Sounds like you had a great time!