Cambree's First Day of School

Miss Cambree Jane started afternoon pre-school this year and she was most definitely EXCITED!!

IMG_3008 copy

This momma CAN not believe that she is this old already. But I am super thrilled that she is so pumped about going to school.

IMG_3012 copy

She is going to learn tons of new things, but one thing she already has mastered is the cutting and pasting! She ROCKS at those things.


Cambree rides the bus over from Coldwater at noon. She get's on at Becky's (her daycare) and then she sticks around after school and gets to ride home with me & Preston.

IMG_2979-1 copy

That's Mrs. Hoffman, her teacher. We are lucky to have Mrs. Hoffman. She was Preston's preschool teacher as well. There are also two helpers in her class, Mrs. Rumsey and Mrs. Lawless.

Cambree's school day is from 12:30 to 4:00 Monday thru Thursday. And by Thursday at 4 o'clock, she is TIRED!

I love that she is always so excited to show me what she did in school that day and tells me about her day. This is something her older brother has never done much of and I like knowing what they are doing.

Have a TERRIFIC year of Pre-K Cambree Jane!

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Rhonda said...

She looks so happy about school - hope it goes really great for her!