Preston's First Day of School

Okay, so what if his first day of school was almost two weeks ago now?

You still want to see what the little munchkin looked like as he was all dressed up and excited for school, right?


So, excited might be a strong term for how Preston was feeling about going back! HA!


Mr. Preston Dean started first grade this year. His super wonderful teacher is Mrs. Snyder. Here she is with Preston on Back 2 school night.

IMG_2989-1 copy

There are 17 kids in his class. 9 girls and 8 boys. I think his best bud is still Kirstin, but he plays with and talks about lots of the kids in his class.


He is definitely starting to outgrow his britches...literally and figuratively!

Hope you have a terrific 1st grade year P!!

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Rhonda said...

I hope Preston has a great, fun year!