Westynn Turns One - Part 4

Finally, the last post about Westynn's Birthday Party!  I promise...4 parts is a little overboard I know, but there are just so many pictures that I want to share!

It is amazing to  me how many gifts showed up, even though I specifically requested on the invitation, NO GIFTS PLEASE!!

Westynn's hair was a little crazy from all the fun we had on the slip-n-slide!!

He got more of his favorite toy...sports balls!

And this is what happens when you take them away from him!


Thank you for sticking with the blog through all those birthday posts! My baby only turns ONE once in a lifetime you know. Now just get ready, because we are having another birthday party in two weeks...HAHAHA!


Becky said...

His hair is adorable! LOL Looks like a perfect birthday party!

Rhonda said...

I've enjoyed your birthday pictures from Westynn turning 1 - thanks for sharing them!

Melanie said...

Cute pictures!! I finally got to a computer that allowed me to see the photos when I had time to look!! Fun party!! I can make a lot of food. .but deviled eggs have never been anything that worked for me. .go figure!! I would devour them if I were at your house!! He will love to look back at all these pictures someday!!