Are You Ready for some Football?

I know I just finished posting about Westynn's birthday party back in August, but it is already time for my oldest to turn 7!

We are having his party on Saturday because there is a bye weekend for OU and we won't have to worry about our family and friends having to choose between the game and the party.

Here's the party invitation/ticket!  He is VERY excited and has lots of plans for his friends on Saturday.


Becky said...

Looks like it will be another awesome party!! Can't wait to see the pictures! The "tickets" are awesome!!

Melanie said...

Oh!! Looks like fun!! Bambi gave me the web site to a lady yesterday that I knew you would like--maybe you have already seen it?? She's at acottageindustry.typepad.com
She has the CUTEST Halloween templates and ideas--they totally looked like you!! If you decide to purchase a kit, holler at me--I'll split the price with ya! Enjoy the party!

Rhonda said...

BOOMER SOONER! This looks like it will be a lot of fun. :) "Happy Birthday" to Preston, and I hope he and you all have a great time!

mom said...

Team ALLEN will be there....I even bought an OU T shirt....Jeremy will faint.....We can't WAIT to each some nachos and watch the OU band and cheerleaders!!!!

ragtime4361 said...

I have a grandson that is totally excited about this party! Such a cute idea, Ms Sara! So, I had to fix up a jersey for T so he'd be ready for an afternoon of football fun! Have fun with these young'uns!

Melissa said...

Such a FUN party! Great weather, great food, and tons of fun!!! We had a blast.