Highlight Reel!

Here are some highlights from the birthday party last weekend!

It was a wonderful party and Preston has some great friends.





I will post more once I get them all uploaded to flickr.  But I have to share my favorite part of the day.

I was putting Preston to bed that night and I asked him what his favorite thing about the party was and he said to me,
"Mom, all my friends I invited came!"

Now if that doesn't just tug on your heart strings, then I don't know what will!


Becky said...

WHAT A FUN PARTY! The picture of Westynn and your mama made me squeal! Adorable!
Can I have just a bit of your birthday creativeness?? My kids are lucky their birthday cakes have their names spelled correctly. In fact, one year, I picked up the cake and Jacob's cake said HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH on it!! hehe Upsetting at the time, but we all look back and LOL at it now.

Sara said...

Oh Becky, you have me LOL'ing!! That is too funny. I am always available for birthday, or any party for that matter, planning. I love planning a good party!

Melanie said...

Great pictures!! I have been surprised more than once to find out what their favorite things have been!!

Rhonda said...

Looked like a lot of fun! Great pictures, including Westynn and his Grandma. Too cute! Enjoyed seeing all the OU stuff. :) That's just sweet what Preston said, yes that does tug at your heart!