Fall Fun

This is probably going to be one LONG post because I am going to try and cram a lot into it.

Why?  Because let's be honest, I don't really make it here much anymore!  And I don't want to forget these things, so here goes.

Let's start with the Pumpkin Decorating Contest at school...


Cambree won third place in her category, Prechool - Assisted.


Preston won first place in his category, 1st grade - unassisted.

What makes this story even better for Preston is that on Monday another kid in his class brought a pumpkin decorated like a hunter. This just about did Preston in because he was going to put camo on a pumpkin and an army hat and make him a soldier. Well the hunter was too close to an army soldier, so he had just decided that he was NOT going to participate. I tried to make several suggestions on the way home, ALL of which were rejected quite emphatically. Then all of the sudden he says from the backseat, "I can make a ladybug." PERFECT!! And he is a kid after my own heart, because when we stopped at the store to buy a pumpkin, he deteremined that one of the small ones we already had at home would be much more suitable than any they had at the store. So this ladybug pumpkin cost us $0 AND won first place...SCORE one for Preston!

Next up...The Pumpkin Patch


On Saturday, the 30th Grandma Robin went with us to Harvest Farms Pumpkin Patch in Turon. It was fantastic trip. How do I know? Because Mom and I were laughing so hard we were about to wet ourselves...AND we hadn't even made it there yet! Mom has some great captions to her photos on Facebook.


Waiting on the Pumpkinator to launch pumpkins...AWESOME if you are 7...pretty darn cool if you are 29!


One word...HILARIOUS!! I laugh out loud each time I see this. Preston "might" have been threatened into taking this picture...I don't remember for sure!


Be still my beating heart...Westynn loved this baby lamb. Westynn's mom loved watching him with the baby lamb!


Really lady? You want to take my picture? Fine, this is as happy as I am going to get about that.



Launching corn cobs...pretty cool!


What happens when you turn your camera over to your mother...she's as bad as the kids with the camera!


Westynn throws the sand all over the place...fun, but messy!


She played hard...her nose proves it!


She worked hard too. We made her milk the cows before taking her home!

Next time...WEPAC and Halloween!


Melanie said...

Great pictures!! My kids love the patch in Turon, but I have never been there. We took them last fall to one in Topeka with my sister. .we went at night, which was fun. .but then we had to sacrifice the great pictures!

Meg said...

Fun! The picture of W and the baby lamb tells it's own story!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed all of this post! Looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin farm. :) Good job on both kids with the pumpkin decorating. Glad Preston came up with another good idea. Cambree's was neat too - I'd have never thought of a pink Barbie pumpkin! :)

Becky said...

Love the pumpkins! Very cute! And Westynn with the lamb is adorable!
It sounds like you and your mama had a great time at the pumpkin patch. I LOL'ed at her picture captions.

Melissa said...

You have to enter the picture of Westynn and the lamb in some kind of photo contest! It would win hands down! Looks like you all had some good FALL FUN!!! :)