Guest Reader

In Preston's first grade class they have a program called Accelerated Reader, or AR for short. They have to read books and then take a 5 question quiz about them. For each answer they get correct they earn points. Their teacher, Mrs. Snyder, along with the kindergarten and second grade teachers come up with a theme and then set goals for the kids to reach. This year the theme is "Reading is WILD." Their goals are to make it to the W, the I, the L, and the D. Preston made it to the W and the reward was an animal bag or a finger puppet. He made it to the I and the reward was to sit in the LION chair for the day. On Monday he reached the L and the reward for that level is to ask a guest reader to come and read to the class. We were discussing this at dinner on Monday night and Preston knew that Aunt Janelle, Uncle Jeff and Jace & Jordyn were coming this week. He says, "Mom, do you think Aunt Janelle or Uncle Jeff will be here in time to read?" I told him that I didn't know but we could call and see. They said they wouldn't be here in time Thursday and since we don't have school on Fridays, it wasn't going to happen. Preston was a little disappointed, but he was trying to think of someone else he could ask instead. BUT, Tuesday morning, Aunt Janelle sent me an email that said they had changed their plans and would be in KS sometime Thursday afternoon and she could come read if Preston wanted her to! So yesterday about 3:30 Aunt Janelle and Jace showed up at our school. Jace was Preston's show and tell..

Preston says, "We kind of look like twins.  See?"

It was pretty entertaining to listen to Preston tell about Jace...
He lives in Des Moines.
They drove 9 hours to get here.
It seems like they get here a lot faster than we get to their house.
That's my Aunt Janelle.
Jace has a sister Jordyn.
She is two.
We are having a party for her this weekend.
My Uncle Jeff...he's BALD!

AND then the entire class erupted into laughter!


Finally it was time for Aunt Janelle to read:


Jace said "Toot" while Aunt Janelle was reading...more laughter!!


What a fun day Preston had and how cool that his aunt and cousin could come all the way from Iowa to read!!


Becky said...

AWW Look at Janelle!! I don't think I've seen her since we graduated! =( She looks amazing! Tell her hello!

Melanie said...

OH, Janelle just looks GREAT!!! Hope you all enjoy your week with them.

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed this post - looks like they had a lot of fun!