So Thankful...

To be the mom

To be the wife

To walk out the door, get to work, and discover snot on my pants at knee level

To hear, "I love you Mom"

To be living what often feels like a fairy tale

To watch them grow from babies to little people

To SNUGGLE them tight at bedtime

To smell them all clean and fresh right out of the bath

To be treated like the most special woman on earth

To come home to the dishes done and put away (even when I have to search for 20 minutes to find what I need to prepare dinner!)

To have a home that is OURS and that we fit in

To raise them in the same small town I grew up in

To live so close to their grandparents

To go to bed feeling like I did it all wrong, only to wake up and be shown unconditional love

To see PURE joy in their eyes

To watch him learn to read

To teach her how to be a lady

To try and keep him little forever

To have made it through a decade of marriage and still look forward to the next decade

To be THEIR mom

To be HIS wife

I am so thankful!


Becky said...

Your post made me a little teary eyed this morning!! We have so much to be Thankful for, don't we!
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Rhonda said...

Love this post, Sara! BEAUTIFUL photo of you and your family, and wonderful things to be thankful for!

Melanie said...

Well said!! Hope you all ate too much and enjoyed yourselves thoroughly!

Meg said...

I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading...and this post almost made me cry! We do have so much to be thankful for!

Melissa said...

I LOVE the family picture and the post!!!

jesjerra said...

Sara--I read your blog with my coffee this AM. It is so very touching. You are such an insightful and caring woman. I know that Jeremy and the kids feel just as blessed as you do. It is an awsome thing to be able to appreciate each days blessings like you do. Thanks for clueing me into your blog in your Christmas letter last year. It helps me keep up on your life and the kids progress. I love all of you so much, Aunt Jerra