Sick Baby

My baby got sick yesterday. Nothing serious, a little fever and just not feeling good in general. I came home early from work and we snuggled in the chair until the Ibuprofen kicked in.

THEN, it was as if he was never sick at all!!

Soooo, I may have down this,
while the kids were in the bathtub!

And I may have been ready for bed at 8:30.

BUT I will  never tell if that is really what happened or not.

And if you were wondering.  The baby is still not feeling well today.  I sing the praises of Ibuprofen though, because once it kicks in he is back to his cheerful, wonderful self.  AND is helps him sleep better, which makes for a less crabby Momma on sick days.


The Murphy's said...

Those Mike's help with the crabbiness too! So I have heard! Truthfully, I have "heard" that Bud Light Lime helps the same way! :-) Hope he feels better soon!

Melanie said...

Hope Westyn feels better soon!! Have another lemonade today. .it passes the time!

Becky said...

Hope he's feeling better! Jacob's feeling pretty rotten this evening, with a headache.
Danny and I like to drink different kinds of wine every now and then, but after one glass I'm suddenly very warm and have to go to bed soon after. Pathetic, really.

Meg said...

YuM! Looks good to me...and sorry about the sick baby!

Melissa said...

It's been a round of sick kids around here too! The doctor has all my Christmas money! :( I hope Westynn is feeling better now.

Rhonda said...

Hope everyone's getting well. Interesting "remedy." :)