A First for Preston


This weekend Preston got to go on his first rifle deer hunt and boy was it a weekend to remember!

He came away with this AMAZING 10 point buck!


He was on cloud nine and Mom and Dad were pretty darn proud of him too!

There is a super cute video, courtesy of Jeremy. Only problem is our video camera is a tad on the older side and I had to order a new memory stick and adapter today. So hopefully next week sometime I will have video to post for you!

Until then, these picture will have to do!



Way to go Buddie! What an awesome first hunting experience! We sure are proud of you!!


Becky said...

That is just awesome! I love his smile! Jacob went out with a buddy (and his dad!) this weekend, but didn't have any luck.
Lori and I have decided hunting for them must be like getting a REALLY good deal on some shoes, or a buy one get one free deal at the greenhouse for us! ;)

The Murphy's said...

I love it! Great pics! Will this head be mounted on your wall? Lol I keep saying NO MORE deer head in my house. But as long as they stay in the basement I don't really care! Lol Good Job Preston!!!

Melanie said...

That is such a fun thing for boys. .He will remember it forever!

Melissa said...

These are going to make some great scrapbook pages!!!

Rhonda said...

That's one happy boy! Awesome job! Beautiful deer.