Holiday Wrap-up!

***WARNING - Long post follows!!  Lots of pictures!!!  Read at your own risk!***

We had our Children's Christmas Program at church...


Preston was Joseph and Cambree was a sheperd.

We went to Grandma Robin's and Papa Jene's to open presents. Before we did that, we had a delicious breakfast!!








We all got very spoiled. Both the big kids got butterfly chairs to watch movies and play games in. They LOVE them! Westynn got new shoes and a new coat. He loves both of them! Cambree got a purple butterfly suitcase with some crafty stuff inside. Preston got a new game, Mario Kart, for the Wii and the DS. Jeremy got a Cabela's gift card...he LOVES that. And Mom got a new camera bag/purse. It is turquoise and she LOVES it!

Santa sent letters to the kids.


And the letters arrived just in time...Christmas Eve! So we went ahead and left Santa some cookies and milk.


Cambree sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn, so they would know to stop at our house.


Christmas Eve was a LOOOOONG night for us! Preston woke up about 11:30 with really bad stomach pains and Cambree got sick (aka stomach flu) around 12:45 am. What was so cute though was that while Jeremy was cleaning up the bedroom and I was in the kitchen cleaning things up, Cambree came up behind me and tapped gently on my back. I turned around and she said in a whisper and with wide eyes, "SANTA HAS BEEN HERE ALREADY!"

I immediately thought to myself, "Great! Now we will never get them back to sleep!" Then she brought in a package of her favorite socks that Santa had left in her stocking to show me. After that she went into the bedroom and told Preston, "Santa has been here already! Do you want to go see what is in your stocking?" Lucky for me, he didn't feel good at all, so he wasn't interested at that point!

BUT, come 7:00 am, EVERYONE was up and ready to open those presents!!


Westynn's favorite gift was this $1.50 squishy ball that Santa left in his stocking...go figure! He also got a Noah's Ark playset with 2 of every animal, some cars, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, new cowboy boots and some goodies in his stocking!


Cambree got a pillow pet! New cowgirl boots (which are too small and have to be exchanged!) a Fur Real Friend, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and goodies in her stocking.


Preston got some word puzzle books, a new coat, another air craft carrier, Dangerous Hunts for the Wii, some Adventures in Odyssey cd's and goodies in his stocking.


Jeremy got a tool set, to which he responded, "What am I supposed to fix?"


I got a Silhouette SD (from Jeremy) and some salt and pepper shakers and measuring spoons (from the kids) that have hearts on them! I LOVE them!

Finally, on Sunday we had Christmas with the Stapleton side of the family. Aunt Janelle, Uncle Jeff and Jace and Jordyn came to Kansas and we opened presents at Grandma and Papa Stapleton's house at the ranch.




Cambree got a new DS game and a couple of cases, an easel, and some Zhu-Zhu pets! She was a happy girl!




Preston got some hunting boots, a new DS game, a gun set (pretend), and a lego game. He was thrilled with his loot!



Westynn got a Busy Ball Popper (which he LOVES), a laptop, some new bath toys, snow boots, and a helicopter. He was very pleased!

(Cambree took the rest of these pictures!)


Jeremy got some new OU shirts, a fleece jacket, a target, some work jeans and gloves. He, as always, acted less than impressed. BUT, deep down he is appreciative!


I got a new coat, some pyrex storage containers, a new necklace and earrings and a new shirt! I LOVE everything that I was given!!


Papa Rodney got a trip to the BIG 12 championship game and he got his birthday present early...some hunting stuff (sorry Uncle Jeff I don't remember the correct name of it! It looked pretty neat though).


Grandma Janis got a trip to the BIG 12 championship game and some slipper socks and a Mix & Chop!


Aunt Janelle got a new OU hat....and some other stuff!


Uncle Jeff got a Visa Gift card...ands some other stuff!

I just couldn't help adding some of the pictures that Cambree took...she is turning into a mini-me making everyone pose with their presents! I think she is pretty good considering my camera is pretty heavy and I just turned her loose on the Auto setting! Maybe she needs a camera for her birthday!

Well that sums up our Christmas celebrations. (We technically still have one more with my dad, but illness forced us to post-pone.) I am going to just call this post DONE, so that I can move on to my New Year's Post.


Melanie said...

HAHA! One of Cami's favorite gifts was a $1 tube of lip gloss. .go figure!! Looks like a great Christmas for the STapletons!! BTW. .we LOOOOOVE the baking stuff that Westyn gave her!! The apron is TOTALLY adorable!!

Becky said...

Santa is IN THE KNOW when it comes to making kids happy!! He's the man!
To follow the theme..one of Jake's favorite presents was a $3 deer call I got on clearance at Walmart that I just threw in the cart. Who knew!
I think Cambree needs a camera! Her pics are better than most of mine! ;)
So sorry you all were sick!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful Christmas you all had! Harper got the same pillow pet as Cambree. Santa must have known they would like the same one. I love all of the pics Cambree took...she is pretty darn good. You didn't post a pic of your camera bag...can't wait to see it. Sounds super cute!