Welcome 2011!

We have said goodbye to 2010! I don't like to spend a lot of time "looking back" and instead like to "anticipate what's to come."

2010 was a very good year for us and we experienced many blessings.

However, 2011 promises to be a very exciting year as well!

First of all, there will be A LOT more scenes like this one happening...
...Jeremy with his other women! (the cows, not Cambree!!)

As of March 1, 2011 Jeremy will no longer be working at People's Bank and will be working FULL-TIME at Broken Arrow Ranch.  For those of you who don't know, Broken Arrow is the ranch that we own with  Jeremy's parents.  It has always been a dream of Jeremy's to be able to run cattle full time with his dad.  We started trying to make that happen 10 years ago when we got married.  And here we are in 2011 seeing that come to light!  It's pretty AWESOME!

Since Jeremy will be at the ranch all the time, it only makes sense that we would do this...


We are still very much in the infant stages of the house planning and building, but we are confident that by the end of 2011 we will be living in a house like this one up on a hill at the ranch!!

Other things we are looking forward to in 2011:
  • Cambree Jane turns 5...Holy Cow, how did this happen?
  • Jeremy Dean will turn 34...there are no words.
  • Sara RaShelle turns 30...and she doesn't feel a day over 21!! (Don't worry I plan to blog extensively about my transition to my thirties!!)
  • Jeremy and Sara will celebrate their 11th anniversary...not sure what the "celebration" will entail!
  • Westynn Cole will turn 2...didn't I just find out I was pregnant with this little rascal?
  • Preston Dean will turn EIGHT....WHAT?
  • A trip to Houston...why Houston?  Aunt Janelle and Uncle Jeff are moving there next month.
  • Selling our house...so we can move to the ranch!
Hopefully there are many other exciting things in store for us in 2011 that we just don't know about yet!!

The other day as I was taking Westynn to the bath and he was laughing so loud I just took a moment and thought about how GLAD I am that I am not in control of my life, but that God is!  Had it been up to Jeremy and I we would have missed out on one of the most incredible gifts in our life.  It truly does amaze me that God knew just the right thing we would need at this time in our lives.  Westynn is just the perfect addition to our family and I don't even want to think how empty our life could be right now!

It is also INCREDIBLE to think that we have been working for a decade to make a way for Jeremy to work with his Dad full time and run the ranch and GOD is just making our dreams come true and making all the pieces of the puzzle fit together so easily.  Sometimes it is easy to think how "lucky" we are, but it is like I told Jeremy last night..."Luck has nothing to do with it.  That is why I am trying very hard not to take it for granted and not to hold on to things too tightly.  We definitely have to remember that none of the things that have been given to us recently are ours to begin with.  The tighter we try to hold on to them, the more likely we are to loose them."

Sounds like I am really smart huh?  Just kidding!  It was more of a reminder to both of us.  That is why I am so sure that this year will hold many things for us that we have no idea about, but that God has planned for us!  Isn't that amazing?

So, BRING IT 2011!!! I am soooooooo ready to see what you hold for each of us!!


Melanie said...

WOW!! Sounds like a great year full of anticipation. .Enjoy every minute of it. .because next week. .you'll be sitting at your computer welcoming in 2012!

ragtime4361 said...

God is good! So glad He has chosen such an exciting & wonderfully fulfilling path for you. Enjoy every minute now...life has a way of flying rapidly by. Congrats on all the changes.

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy stream down my face right now for you and yours Sara. So pleased to hear of the blessings raining down on you, friend.


Becky said...

Oh my gosh that is so AMAZING!! So happy for you guys!! Can't WAIT to watch progress on the the house!

Meg said...

How exciting!! We're beginning to look at house plans also...in hopes of someday getting to move to the country! God is good, and we wish many blessings upon you guys this year!

Rhonda said...

Hey, I'm glad for y'all! That's great that Jeremy can work on the ranch with his dad. :) I pray God will lead everything "just right" for things to get done as the year goes on. ENJOY as you plan a new home!

Melissa said...

An oustanding 2011 lies ahead! Wow! Congratulations to Jeremy for following his dream. :)
Love the house pic! Can't wait to see how cute you will decorate it.
Best Wishes this coming year!

Jenna said...

That is super exciting! Can't wait to watch the progression of the house. And how wonderful you get to live in the country. I "hope" that one dad our family can move back and live in the middle of nowhere. You just can't beat it. Congrats and hope your 2011 is a wonderful year!