Today was "one of those days."  Then I came across this blog post about TIME from the Jones Design Company blog.

While it is really nothing new, it is always good to remind ourselves that we cannot do it all...nor SHOULD we!  Read it if you have 5 extra minutes or so.


Becky said...

Guess what I did this weekend?? Not much actually! But I DID spend extra time laying around just chatting with my hubby, and I helped Tristen start a plant science project for 4-H, and helped Danny go through some bunnies, and watched Jacob play some basketball.
And guess what?? All that other stuff I REALLY wanted to get done..it's still there waiting for me today. Which is good..and bad..depending on how you look at it. But I got a lot of IMPORTANT things done. ;)
I do admit it's REALLY bugging me today...and I swear something in my bathroom just winked at me as I walked by...but first..I'm going to finish my coffee!
Thanks for the great blog link!

Melissa said...

Loved it! Needed that on a Monday!