Today I...

*showered and dressed
*fed breakfast to C & W
*ate my own breakfast
*convinced P & C to dress and brush teeth BEFORE noon!
*dressed W
*took kids for haircuts; P & C today
*watched kids show off new hairdo's to Grandma R at the bank
*went to store
*cleaned P & W room...sorted toys to go to consignment sale
*fixed lunch
*put W down for nap
*sent P & C outside to play
*traded 1 girl for 2 dogs
*browned 21 lbs of hamburger...got a facial in the process
*hung, sorted and tagged 50 sets of clothes for sale
*tagged toys for sale
*spent 3 hours with boys doing yardwork...cleaning out flower beds, raking leaves, picking up 1 BILLION teeny, tiny pieces of toys Oscar has chewed up
*took 2nd shower
*welcomed husband and daughter home 10 minutes after completing shower...only to have husband say, "I came home early to get stuff done around here."
*pulled hair back, put shoes on, went BACK outside for another hour and a half of yard work...YES our yard was that BAD!!
*unloaded 2 pickups full of leaves and other yard junk
*ordered pizza...AWW sweet relief at the end of the day!

I am EXHAUSTED!! But Preston has already told me, "Mom, tomorrow let's clean the house so that it looks like it did when we had Cambree's party!"

I hope he knows that my life insurance policies aren't THAT great, 'cause I am convinced he is trying to kill me!!


Melanie said...

Wow. .it's probably a good thing that spring break is almost over!! Go to bed!!!

mom said...

Bring your crew over here....NOW!!!!

ragtime4361 said...

My shop needs that kind of attention! Can I rent your crew for a day? You made me tired this morning just reading about your yesterday! If I could I'd go back to bed this morning to rest for you!
Just think, spring break will be over in 4 days & you can rest then!

Becky said...

I just love spring break! We've got some projects done here too--garden plot plowed, bushes removed and new flower bed spot tilled in front yard, lots of sleeping in, coffee drank in peace--next week is going to be hard!! I'm READY for summer time now!!
Miss your kids!! I WILL be happy to see them again next week! =)

Rhonda said...

Sounds like you had a full day and then some!