Rolla Rena

Before school was out Preston's First Grade Class went on their field trip. They traveled by school bus to Pratt, where they went roller skating {the majority of them for the first time} at Rolla Rena Skating, had lunch and played at Lemon Park and then got a tour and demonstration at the fire department.

Here's the class, hanging on for dear life, as they await instructions from the Rolla Rena owner.


To help the kids learn how to skate they had these awesome "walker" things! Some kids really got the hang of it quick with these...others did not. You judge for yourself whether or not Preston was one of them!


He did eventually get brave enough to try it without the "walker." 

After this....he went right back to the "walker."

I was too far away to hear the conversation between Preston and Kirstin, but I imagine it went something like this...
P: Are you having fun?
K: I don't know.  Are you?
P: Not really. Wanna go sit down?
K: Um, sure I guess!

Not long after this I saw them sitting at one of the booths just talking...resting...talking...NOT SKATING!!

After lunch and some free time at the park, it was off to the Fire Department.  Where low and behold we knew the fireman.  His name is Carl Abbott and he is the husband of one of the ladies that Jeremy used to work with at the Vet Clinic in Ashland when he first started there.  I was pretty certain I recognized him when we were there, but didn't have the guts to ask him if his wife's name was Leslie.  I waited until I got home and asked Jeremy if that is who it was, :)

He and his Captain told the kids all about fire safety and what to do if you are ever in a fire.  They even let one of the kids try on the fire suit...it was pretty comical.  Then they took everyone out side and gave them a tour of all the things they carry on one of their rigs.  Below, the captain is showing the kids what a fire fighter with a breathing apparatus looks like and even talking with it on, so that they wouldn't be afraid of one if they are ever in a fire.  Pretty cool stuff!!

Here's the whole ORNERY first grade class before we got on the HOT bus and headed back to Protection!  This is a great group of kids and one I have kind of adopted as my own!   This is the future class of 2022 {I think!}!!!


Melanie said...

We LOVE roller skating. .and Rolla Rena at our house!! I know the kids all love to try that out!! Poor Devin. .missed that field trip last year too. .cause he was sick. .BAD LUCK!! I'll bet Preston had a great time!

Megan said...

Looks like fun! We know Carl Abbott too...or at least my mom and dad do!

Becky said...

CUTE! I love the picture of P and K! Looks like a GREAT field trip!
I find it funny that hardly any of the kids know how to roller skate anymore and was shocked when I realized my kids didn't know how! What kind of MOTHER AM I?
I LIVED in my skates.
We've gone to the rink a couple of times now and Tristen has caught on pretty fast, after face planting on the rink and spewing blood from his nose. And Jacob can finally make it once around now without falling. ;)

Rhonda said...

Looks like a fun day! I feel for Preston about falling on skates. That hurts!