Food, Food, Fun and Freedom

There is NO better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a family picnic, playin' in the sprinkler, some burgers hot off the grill and a good "dismount" from the tube at the lake!

We did all of that this holiday weekend!
Sunday we headed over to Jeremy's Grandma's house in Sublette to have a picnic with his Aunts and Uncles.  The kids were a little worried about not having anyone to play with since they were the only kids there, so we took their swimsuits and a couple of fun sprinkler toys and they had a BLAST!

This girl had some HILARIOUS faces with her goggles! Kept us adults laughing the whole time.

Preston refused to take his flip flops off and run in the grass...is that a sign that we haven't watered our yard enough when the kids think everyone's grass is "pokey"???

Westynn was already tired and getting grumpy at this point, but Grandma Janis is a softy and she ran through the sprinkler with him so he could cool off!  I warned her that the evidence might show up on the blog!!
 You wouldn't be able to tell from this next picture that he was OBVIOUSLY missing his nap time!  The smiles didn't last all afternoon though.  As soon as we got in the car to head home he CRASHED!

Preston wanted to take a picture of me running through the sprinkler...and since i am all about encouraging my kiddos to love photography and making memories I obliged.  PLUS, it was hot out and the sprinkler was beckoning me to run through it!  I was secretly hoping his first attempt wouldn't work out and I could do it again, LOL!

 On Monday, Jeremy built fence in the morning while it was nice and cool and the kids and I just hung out at the house...like any other summer day!  But, once he got home we grilled some more burgers, chowed down and headed out to the lake for a little cooling off.

I LOVE watching the kids ride the tube.  The last time we were it was a little windier and the water kept spraying us all in the face, so we {the kids} decided they needed goggles for the next time.  SO FUNNY!

Jeremy, Westynn and I even got in on the action.  Westynn loves the tube as much as the older two, and I think he would go just as fast as them if we would let him.  HOWEVER, for safety's sake, we keep it pretty slow and I have to admit that it is more RELAXING than it is FUN.  Good times for sure!

Welp, that's how we spent our weekend! 

Here's to America the Beautiful....HOME of the FREE and LAND of the BRAVE!


Melanie said...

Cami rode the tube last week too and we could hardly get her off!! I bet Janis was glad to have an excuse to run through the sprinkler too!! Looks like fun!

Becky said...

Cambree's googles make me smile! How sweet!! Love the pictures. Looks like lots of summer fun!

Rhonda said...

All that water looks so refreshing!