Quiet Time

Do you moms and dads {ha! like there are any of those reading this} ever have moments when you stop dead in your tracks and realize that it has been WAY TOO QUIET for WAY TOO LONG?

I hate it when that happens!  Especially when this is the result...

Yes, that is every SINGLE roll of toilet paper that was stored under the sink now on the bathroom floor.

Oh, but that isn't the best part.

EVERY.SINGLE. ROLL had been first put into the toilet and THEN thrown onto the floor!


Go back up to that first picture....notice the little pieces of toilet paper that have been torn off the roll and are laying on the floor?  That is what DIDN'T make it into the toilet from the roll that was on the paper holder.  The rest of the paper....You guessed it, IN the toilet!

ARGH!  Will I never learn to tune into the silence a little sooner?

{Sidenote: I have to add to this story; once I saw what was happening in the bathroom I said the name of the little person responsible and then I walked away and I heard another little person say, "I bet she's going to get her camera!"  LOVE IT!}


The Murphy's said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! Lol I can laugh, but I doubt the first thing you did was laugh. The blog gives us a reason to Stop and get the camera and then laugh or cry! I have pictures of Molly when she was little with a roll unwound around her little body and trailing behind her. I love that picture now! Hope you have refilled your TP stash!

Robin Allen said...

Reminds me about the time Russ and Russell Miller came out of Becky's Bathroom with MINI-pads stuck on their arms, legs, backs and bellies....we had just said...THOSE boys sure are quiet today....She has the photo of that in Texas....they were around 5-6 yrs of age....THIS is funny...you will laugh for many years about this.....

Megan said...

Glad I didn't stop by and have to pee! ;) Looks like a fun game!

Rhonda said...

Ohhhhh dearrrrr!!!! :)