Back 2 School


Tablescape for our Back 2 School dinner with the Grandparents.
I try to use their school supplies to decorate with.  The kids LOVE seeing all their stuff out.
A cute little printable that I found on Pinterest.  A quick shot of yellow spray paint to a $3 frame from Dollar General and ta-da...CUTE artwork!
Caught in the act!  Trying to take my picture....ha!
Little pink backpack loaded up with supplies, a blanket and pillow for resting....just what a girl needs to start KINDERGARTEN!
Second Graders got to School in SOONER style!
My little poser!  It is SO much fun to take her pictures right now.
This guy make me think that plucking all the hairs from my head one by one would be more enjoyable!  He HATES having his picture taken.
Hard to believe I have reached the point where I have more than one kid in school FULL-TIME!  They can just stop growing now. I tell them this all the time, but the refuse to listen to me.
Unloading all those supplies into the BIG second grade desk....when did 2nd grade desks get so much larger than the ones in 1st grade?  Maybe it's just me!  Preston didn't seem to notice.
Kindergartner's have cubbies for their things.
I told her to sit down at her table and make a school face...HAHAHAHA!  LOVE it!
This is her posing face.
Cambree with Mrs. Jackson, her kindergarten teacher.  What a cute monkey!
Mrs. Kay, the second grade teacher, with Preston.
It won't be long and I will have 3 kiddos in school.  I am refusing to think about it though.  Because, that just makes me want to have more babies, so that I always have someone at home!

Preston and Cambree you guys are going to have a great year!  I am so proud to be your mama and I know you are going to have great achievements this year. 


Rhonda said...

Exciting! Hope it's a great year for you all!

Melanie said...

Nope. .3 babies in school is GREAT!! You'll be fine :-) Dev has a bag very much like Prestons. .he was pretty impressed when I brought that home as a surprise!! Hope they have a great year.

Robin Allen said...

I can't believe it's back to school time once again...but...it IS one of my favorite parties to attend at your house....Love the photos...I like the ones where Westynn is a photo crasher.

Have a great year....