The Walls Came...

...NOT tumblin' down! Rather, they went up, up, up!!

Kind of weird to see all those foam blocks put together Lego style and filled with concrete! 

Jeremy said it was really windy and the west {left} wall kept blowing around before they got it poured and leveled.  YIKES...probably a good thing I had to work this time around. 

The walls took 6 trucks....WOW! 

Twice as much as the floor or footings. 

So far, 12 trucks have made the long trek from Pratt to 4384 U Street, Mullinville KS!!

That's a whole lotta concrete!!


Becky said...

WOW! This is amazing to me! It seems to be moving fast, but I'm sure it's not moving fast enough on your end! So exciting!!!

Rhonda said...

I assume the foam stays on and helps insulate? Interesting to see all the steps involved. That is a lot of concrete!