Mr. Fix It

It seems nearly impossible that my "baby"turned 2 a couple of weeks ago.  I suppose that I have waited so long to blog about it, because you know the old saying, "It's not really true until you blog about it."  Okay, so that's not an old saying, just one I borrowed from a fellow blogger, Megan.

As is our Stapleton Family tradition...cinnamon rolls on the morning of the "real" birthday.  For Westynn it was a Friday and I was happy 'cause that meant I didn't have to get up at 4:00 am to let the rolls rise!

He was a little gun-shy with the candle, because just moments before this picture he had put out the candle with his fingers...OOPS!

Then on Saturday we had the house all spiffed up and ready for Westynn's big party day.

His most fabulous daycare provider, Stacy, gave him a Melissa and Doug tool set and I was very willing to let him open it early that day so I could get the last minute things done for the party.  He was super pumped about the "amma" aka hammer.

The birthday boy enjoyed his "do it yourself" lunch of a sandwich and chips! 

Busting out the tools to work on the car!   At one point during the day my kids and a couple of their friends were trying to take the car apart piece by piece.  Thankfully the mother's were there to coral this activity.  The dads?  They were just watching!!

Westynn came in and saw his workbench, his eyes lit up, and he quickly got right up on top and had a seat!

Then he got out his pliers and started a new project!

I had to post this next picture, because Jeremy's face is TOO funny!  My dad got him a baseball tee and bat and Westynn went right to swinging the bat!

Wearing his new camo OU hat and working the power tools!

Finally, a pair of pliers, just like Papa Rodney!  Well almost, these are plastic.

A new bike from Papa Rusty and Jennifer.  By the time the weather warms up in the spring, he will be just the right height to pedal his new bike.

The cupcakes had chocolate hammers on them and when the candles were lit, they melted the top right off the hammer!  Westynn couldn't believe his 'amma' fell off.

Then his dad made him laugh and all was right with the world again!

Westynn and Uncle Russ, the superb builder of the workbench.

The bike had to have a few adjustments.  The seat that came on the bike was still a little high even after it was at it's lowest point.  So, Papa Rusty and Dad came to the rescue and put the seat from Preston's old bike on Westynn's new bike and Wa-La...problem solved!

And now here's my letter to my baby on his 2nd birthday:

Dear Mr. Westynn,

Not a day goes by that I am not extremely thankful that you are my baby, my boy!  Having you made me believe 100% that only God knows what is best for our lives.  He knew, even when I didn't, that my life was missing something.  He planned you from the moment time began and he planned for me to be your mother.  What an amazing gift I have been given.

Seeing your eyes light up, your snaggle toothed little grin and hearing you say "Mama" makes my heart so full that it feels like it should burst from my chest.  It seems that from the moment you turned 2 on August 19th, you morphed from baby boy to little boy!  You even managed to sneak from your crib on Sunday the 21st!

You have started talking so much and you repeat just about everything you hear.  Anything round that can be thrown, kicked, or hit finds it's way into your hands.  You are quite frequently seen carrying a football around like a running back.  Kicking the football is a newly acquired skill and it is a hoot to watch you kick!  Some kids carry around stuffed animals or dolls, but not you!  A wrench is your comfort item.  You ask for it each morning when you wake up, you carry it in the car on the way to Ms. Stacy's and you immediately ask for it when I pick you up.  Just try to take it from you...you get a deathlike, ninja grip on that thing!  It makes me nervous, but at the same time I think it is so perfectly you!

While my heart breaks a little each day knowing that time is going too quickly and I am losing my baby, I am also so thrilled to watch you grow and thrive.  I love you Westynn Cole!!


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday late to Westyn!

Rhonda said...

He is so cute, and growing so fast! Happy Birthday to him! Loved seeing about all the tools. You can tell he loves that!

Becky said...

I didn't think it was possible for that boy to get any cuter. I was wrong!! Tell Westynn "the tool man" Stapleton to come over..I bet I could find lots of projects for him to work on! ;)