Shedding Tears

I just shed my first set of tears over a house decision.

Cut me some slack!  It was a MAJOR decision...a permanent one!

It's over now.

I feel tired, but I know that somehow the right decisions will be made.  

However, it might involve sleepless nights, more tears and more printer ink than I care to think about!! (Printing lots of inspiration photos these day!)

Let me get on my soapbox for a moment.  

Don't take your windows for granted.  They may not be anything fancy or glamorous, but at one point someone had to make the grueling decision about:
*What rooms need windows
*How wide they should be
*How tall they should be
*If they should be picture, double hung, single hung, casement
*Grids or no grids
*Grid pattern if one is needed
*How far from the floor to put them
*How far from the ceiling to put them
*One big window or a more smaller windows
*Which color the interior should be
*Which color the exterior should be
*Vinyl, wood, aluminum

I am sure you look at your windows and you can think of something you like/don't like about them.  I will never EVER look at windows the same again in my life.  Why is this so stressful?  For one thing I will have to look out these windows every day for the rest of my life....I don't want to look at them and think, "man I wish I would have done that differently."  Carpet colors can be changed, paint re-done...Windows are PERMANENT.  

NEVER changing.  Yes, they may eventually need replaced, but when that time come you are pretty much stuck with the same size and placement.


Please, please thank your windows for all they do for you!  And go easy on the guy or gal who had to make all the hard decisions!!


Melanie said...

Is there a teensy possibility that you might be making this a little harder on yourself than it should be? Sara. .say a quick prayer.. look over the situation. .make a decision and don't look back. I understand the magnitude of wanting it to be just right. .none of us would be any different. .but I'm afraid you will make yourself crazy. God will lead you to make the best decision. .and help to keep you satisfied.. besides. .your first gut reaction is usually the best anyway! Hang in there!!

Robin Allen said...

I have always been of the opinion that a rather tall MAN made the window decisions in my nearly 100 yr old. house...remember there are SOOOO many cool and wonderful window treatments you can change your mind about those numerous times...plus as far in the country AND the lack of close neighbors or ALOT of traffic you can just enjoy your views of the great state of KANSAS....when we come to visit we won't even notice your windows...how sad is that....hee hee....

Becky said...

My windows--they probably well past retirement age. It's on TO DO list. Our house has the wackiest windows EVER. I am quite positive a man picked them out.
Hang in there!!