State Fair 2011

WOW, this post is REALLY late, but we had such a good time at the State Fair that I had to share.

Cambree, Preston and I did this bungy, trampoline thing...not sure what it is called exactly.  Once I got over the stomach rolling, it was actually quite fun!  I even managed to do a couple of back flips!!

What's the best part about the fair?  
 Grandma Robin doesn't agree, so we made her take the photo :)

Nom - Nom!!

Is it bad if I drug my whole family to the fair JUST so I could eat a greasy corn dog?
I didn't think so either!

We had a great time at the John Deere exhibit.  We tried out all of the different Gators and other small equipment.  I was more than a little disappointed to see that they still do not offer Gators in PINK!

The combines are MASSIVE.  Here's the three kids in the wheel!!

Westynn loved climbing all over them!

Papa helped C & W up on the combine so we could take a picture and see just how HUGE these machines are!

Cambree and Jeremy had ice cream from the K-State dairy barn.  She sure enjoyed the Chocolate!!  Isn't she adorable in that hat?!

Westynn wasn't big enough for any of the Midway rides, so he took turns hanging out with Papa and Dad.

I know you are going to think this is staged...but totally not the case!  I just happened to look down and catch them standing like this.  They were contemplating the ride that goes up and then drops you back down.  At first Preston was NOT going to ride that {he is NOT the thrill seeker of the family}, but his adventurous sister finally talked him into it.

See how happy she is and how still unsure Preston looks?

Don't worry, he got off and declared, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!"
And they rode at least 3 more times!!

Westynn gets so many compliments on his hat and he looks ADORABLE wearing it!

He was exhausted by the time we left to head home.  Jeremy had a small argument with him about going to sleep with food in his mouth.  I told Jeremy to just stick his finger in there and flick it out while he was crying.  CHICKEN, he wouldn't do it!  They finally got it all settled and Westynn slept with what we call his "mad face."

All in all the State Fair 2011 was a lot of fun and we are ready to do it again next year!


Robin Allen said...

I love going to the fair with your kids....Pronto pups and all that yucky food, the laughter and the big butter make it all worth the trip...Westynn's face totally makes me laugh out loud....he was so mad and hungry at the same time...at least he woke up HAPPY :)

Becky said...

Love the state fair! You may not believe this since I DO love it so much, but...ok here it goes...I have NEVER has a Pronto Pup.
Your kids get cuter and cuter with every picture you post!!

Melissa said...

So fun! I will go to the fair with you any day to have a Pronto Pup...only here in OK we call them Poncho Dogs! But no matter their name...they are my fav!!!