Preston Turns 8 - day 1

Preston turned 8 years old on October 18th. I know, I am terrible late with this post or set of posts. BUT, I was busy planning and executing all the details of this birthday! Better late than never, right?!

The morning started with phone calls from grandparents!  I can't remember, but I think this might have been Papa Rusty on the phone.  If i recall correctly I heard Preston telling him something about a 4-wheeler!  Oh my!!

As tradition would have it, we woke up early on the actual DAY of his birth to enjoy a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls.  This year the night before Preston asked me to have a "surprise" drink for him the next morning. I chuckled a little and said I would see what I could come up with.   After a little thinking I thought that a little Sparkling Grape Juice would be the perfect birthday morning surprise drink!  If you have ever heard the story about our 7 person "romantic" dinner at the hospital when Westynn was born....this choice of beverage will make you smile...just like it did us!

The birthday boy and his yummy breakfast goodies!

We sang happy birthday ~ and Preston did the birthday dance!

EVERYONE loves birthday mornings!!

I made Preston take a picture with both Jeremy and me.  I don't think either one of the guys was thrilled with my request :)

I, on the other hand, don't get many chances to have a picture with Preston, so I was loving it!

Preston also took brownie cookies and juice pouches to share with his classmates that day.  We decided to wait and have his party later in the month when his cousins and aunt and uncle would be here to help him celebrate.  They live in Houston and we hadn't seen them since February, so having them here for the party was a BIG deal.  I'll do another post on the LEGO party!!

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Melissa said...

Happy 8th Birthday Preston! Wow, time has flown.
I think I am going to come to your house to celebrate my birthday because I am dying to have some of those yummy cinnamon rolls! :)