Seeing the light

...at the end of the tunnel that is!

If you are tired of seeing pictures of the house or reading about the progress, click to another page NOW!  What follows is an TON of photos of the house and as many words as my weary eyes can manage.

I am Soooooo in LoVe with the house that i don't even know where to start showing you things!

Let's start in the basement and work our way up...

The basement bath



Don't you just love the look of the trough sink? I DO!!


Floors, vanity, mirror, shower, lights are all in! All this room lacks is the toilet and trim.

This bath will be the one we use when we are downstairs in the family room, while I am crafting and the main bath the boys will use to shower and get ready as they grow up.

The craft/play room!

looking from the family room towards the bedrooms...


This room is not photographing well since there is absolutely no natural light.  It is NOT that baby blue color, but a turquoise.  I probably could have gotten a more accurate color if I had wanted to....but there was TOO much wonderfulness to look at upstairs.  Don't worry, we'll get there!!

Opposite view...from the bedrooms towards the family room...

I have laid awake at night thinking about all the fabulous creations that are going to come from this room and all the games and fun the kids are going to have in here with me.  The plan is for them to have an area set up on the left side of the picture above and I will occupy the right side.

You can kind of see our reading nook in this picture.  It's under the stairs...behind that ladder.

Here's a better peak.


The kids didn't get a lot of say in the house planning process, but one thing Preston asked for was a reading nook.  NO WAY was I going to tell him no!! I got right on pinterest and started looking at reading nooks and knew right away that under the stairs was going to be the perfect place. 

I have visions of the three of them cuddled up in that little nook reading...Preston maybe a Hank the Cowdog or 39 Clues book, Cambree with a Laura Ingalls Wilder book, and Westynn with a Little Golden Book....okay, so they will probably end up with video games in there, but a mother can dream right?!

Up next, the storage room!


A MUST-HAVE on my list when we were designing and planning and I will admit that this one does NOT disappoint. It is 17x8 and I am already dreaming of all the party planning totes that will be neatly organized and ready to pull out at a moments notice for some grand entertaining. My Christmas decorations will be safely stored INDOORS where they will remain dust free and DRY {there were issues this year when we pulled them out of the storage shed}.  AND i won't have to walk outside on a dark, snowy, windy night to grab a package of hamburger for dinner....

The basement family room...


There isn't anything really spectacular about this room. It will seem a lot more exciting after we move in. This is the ONE room in the house that Jeremy has had complete control over. I have let him make all of the decisions. Even when he asked me to give opinions I sweetly reminded him that I had made 98% of the decisions for the rest of the house and he was responsible for this one.

{Don't tell him, but I think he has done a great job. However, it has taken him much longer to make those decisions...he's more of a thinker than I am. I pick something I like and just go with it. I know I can make it work....He stresses a lot more}

Up the stairs we go.......

And there are a lot of them!!

The master bath






This bathroom sits right off our master bedroom.  I am standing in the doorway for the first picture.  It is painted the same color as the bedroom; which again, is more green than it looks.

I have to tell you about the shower.  It is an Onyx shower and I was VERY hesitant at first.  I thought that i wanted a tiled shower....like we have now.  But Kelsey kept pushing this style of shower and from the internet site I was not impressed.  He assured me that if I saw one in person I would change my mind.  So we made a trip to Pratt one day to the Home Lumber store there and looked at their displays.  20 minutes later we had picked out the color that we wanted and I was 100% sold on the Onyx shower.  No grout to clean or maintain and this is GREAT looking shower.  It's not completely finished yet.  There are 2 corner caddies that go in and some trim.  BUT with the tankless water heater and this beautiful shower, I may never get out!!

I am also really looking forward to taking a nice big bath!  I can't remember the last time I have had a relaxing bubble bath.

And that vanity...it's gonna be a booger to keep dust free, but I sure do love it.  I still need to get mirrors for this room.  I have found some I like, but I need to get back to Wichita to pick them up {hopefully they are still there}.

Upstairs Kids Bath


the floor....this runs a close race with the kitchen for the thing I love the MOST in the house.


I love the pattern and the charcoal grout.  It was a tough decision...white, black, gray...but I went with the charcoal gray and I am so happy that I did.  I don't think I would have liked the others  at all now that I have seen this.





The light fixtures in this bathroom and the master bath are the same and all the bathroom faucets and counters are the same.  It was a LOT easier to just pick one style and go with it across the board.  I am very happy with that decision.  The only difference was that the double bowl sink in the master didn't come in a trough style so they are round instead.

This mirror is part of the bath collection that goes with the vanity.  It is actually upside down right now...but that's how it is going to be hung on the wall.  It didn't work with the light fixtures and the outlets.  But once we turned it upside down it worked perfectly and I actually like it better this way.

The GREAT room....and great it is!!!!
{Get ready for picture overload}













I will do a entire kitchen post one of these days, but for now let me just tell you that I LOVE it!  I can't wait to cook and bake and entertain in it.  I still have to pick out the granite counter tops and order the back splash.  Once it is all here it is going to be FABULOUS!!!!  I can't wait.

Here's the cute help...



A new view from the front. The rock is on the front now....the tires, 2x4's, fence posts, pallets and who knows what other junk is still on the roof!!



If you made it all the way through this post...CONGRATS!  Let me know what you think....as long as you like it :).


Melissa said...

I'm in love with all of it. Love all of the color! You have done an excellent job of picking everything out. It looks perfect together. Maybe interior design is in your future! :). I can't wait to see the house. You all are going to be in it before you know it!

grandma robin said...

AWESOME.....see it's been so
WORTH it....mmm....I told you it would be....There truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!! I just hope we all live through the move...

Melanie said...

It does look cool!! And the kitchen cabinets are great. .can't wait to see some more!!

Megan said...

Loving it, Sara!

Janelle Wensler said...

WOW! Looks amazing! can't wait to see it in person! Oh, and lock all the kids in the basement and have a drink on the back porch as the sun is setting!!