Girls weekend!

01.27.2012 Girls Weekend, a set on Flickr.
The last weekend in January Cambree and I met my BFF Melissa and her 6 year old daughter in Wichita for a little Mother-Daughter Girls weekend.

Traditionally, Melissa and I have met in Wichita for a weekend of scrapbooking, shopping, catching up and relaxing. This year though we threw the little girls into the mix and boy was it a BLAST!

We met up on Friday afternoon at the Intrust Bank Arena for Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales. It was our Christmas gift to Melissa and Harper. And let me just tell you that this show did NOT disappoint! It was fantastic...we sang along, oohed and aahed, had overpriced snacks and laughed and giggled through the entire show.

Then we headed back to our hotel, the Drury Broadview Hotel. I totally give this hotel a 5 star rating. Everything about it was exceptional. We enjoyed a dinner there in the hotel with our complimentary "Kickback" in the lounge and then hit the pool for some splashing around. One thing I have to share is that while we were sitting in the hotel lobby trying to decide what our evening game plan was going to be {2 type A personalities at work here} Harper said the funniest thing...."I could do appetizers for dinner. I mean I am okay with just dessert." She thought appetizers were a type of dessert and that was all we were going to have to eat! My kind of girl!!!

Saturday morning we got up Bright and early {too early for the momma's} hit the free breakfast buffet and headed out to do a little shopping. We hit up Target, Hobby Lobby and a great little antique shop where I scored two Pyrex bowls. One is a pattern I had never seen before. Hobby Lobby was our favorite stop, because there we got to load up on craft supplies to make our valentine's! It was so much fun to be in there with 2 other creative girls!! I loved hearing all of the comments that Cambree and Harper made.

Then it was lunch at Spangles...sadly no pictures here. What were we thinking Melissa? Next year we must take our picture with Marilyn or Elvis!! Back to the hotel to get crackin' on those valentines!

The girls did a great job of finishing them up before they started hounding us about heading down to the pool. Cambree and I scored the idea for her valentine's off of Pinterest...where else?! I think they turned out super cute and with the use of the Cricut to cut out all those hearts it was a breeze. The hardest part was getting all those googly eyes to stay on!

Back to the pool to splash around and enjoy the hot tub. We did remember the camera for that one and did a little group photo shoot! It was fun to be the only ones down there...well except for that creepy guy in the background, LOL!!

A quick change back into our clothes, more appetizers, another hobby lobby run, more swimming, and another craft project we found on Pinterest before heading to bed that night! Whew it was a long day, but it was so much fun!

Sunday morning it was time to pack up all our crafty things, stuff the dirty laundry back in the suitcases and head back home. But before Cambree and I could leave town we had a few errands to run for the new house....paint, tile, lights....we came home LOADED down in the suburban. Every inch of storage space, and then some, was full!

It was such a great time....I am already looking forward to doing it again. Maybe once a year isn't enough?!!

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Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! Looking at all those pictures makes me want to have another girls weekend...NOW!!! Harper and I had so much fun! Love ya BFF!!! :)
P.S. Richard looked at the pics and said...if I didn't know better, you all could pass as sisters and girls as cousins!