Craft Party Details

It's no lie that I often will "suggest" themes for my children's birthdays or "help" them come up with ideas.  But I do it for the good of all.  Most times it is because I have a great idea for a theme that I think they will like and I know that I won't have to work quite as hard at something if I have it half planned already!

This birthday was no exception!  I started priming Cambree for a craft party before she even had her 5th Pony Party.  I know! Right?

It paid off BIG TIME though!  She had a great time at her party and it was so much fun to put together and host.

The whole party hinged on the cake...as massive beast it turned out to be.  Idea found on Pinterest, executed by Mom!


Oh, it looks innocent enough....but then you open it up and...



7 cakes mixes
21 eggs
3 6" square baking pans almost impossible to find and cost an arm and leg
1 entire LG can of Crisco
3 bags of powdered sugar
miniscule amounts of food coloring
hours upon hours of baking
3 helpers to move it

Squeals of delight from the birthday girl when we cut it open....SO WORTH IT!!


I think it is pretty evident that she was delighted!


Here are a few other party decor shots...






Once all the party guests arrived we got to work doing our crafts. First project was to paint a canvas bag using acrylic paint and paper doilly's. The girls were so creative and they turned out FABULOUS!!


Then they made another bag for a project I found called Craft Hope. The March project was to make a bag for a child cancer patient. We talked a little bit about how not all little kids got to have parties on their birthdays and that sometimes they had to be in the hospital. I think a couple of the girls were a little confused by the whole thing, but they made bags anyways and really put a lot of thought into it.


We also drew a self-portrait....after explaining what such a thing was!


There was cake and ice cream
Rainbow Kool-Aid
My most requested sherbet punch
Opening of gifts and
lots and lots of little girl giggles!


Until next year....Peace Out!

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Melissa said...

Oh my! That might just be the biggest cake I have EVER seen! You rock! It was perfect. What a super fun birthday party! You're kiddos are lucky to have such a fun party-plannin' momma! :)