Katty Kat

Ally Collage

Cambree named her after her favorite TV Show, Austin & Ally.

Westynn call her "Katty" or "Alwee."

Preston calls her "Ally Cat"

Jeremy said, "Happy Mother's Day"

Mom said, "You had BETTER be joking."

Turns out he must not have been 'cause this is all that has shown up this weekend at our house!

Oh well, she is a pretty good kitten as far as kittens go. If the dogs don't kill her (and survives the fall into the window well she just took) I think I might not mind having her around.

The kids made me jewelry and cards for mother's day. I wore the bracelet from Cambree to church this morning. I noticed another Kindergarten mom sporting the same one!

Preston told me he was sorry he couldn't think of anything "nice" to put on his Mother's day acrostic poem. For E he put "egnores my dad." HA! I was thinking it was going to be really bad. All the other letters were nice, Whew!

Jeremy still has a little time left. I am not holding my breath!


Becky said...

She's very cute!!!
I got breakfast made for me by Tristen. Danny's gift to me was not mumbling about the amount of money I spent at the greenhouse. hehe And I got a "Happymothersday" mumbled real fast from my teenager.

Melanie said...

EGNORES my dad!! How priceless is THAT??? HAHAHAHA!! I got kisses, an occasional apology for fighting and bickering at each other. .and a nurse mug to take my coffee in to work :-) With some comment about how I can never find a cup. .hmm!! I enjoyed my afternoon SITTING on the deck, watching them play ball, playing with the kittys, and checking thru pinterest in peace and quiet :-) Great day!! Enjoy that ADORABLE kitty!! They steal your hearts in a hurry. .This morning as I fed my pond fish before I got everyone up, I watched 2 of our 3 kitties climb OUT of the hole in a decorative birdhouse. .they are apparently confiscating that birdhouse as their new home. .wonder how long that will last :-)

Anonymous said...

"Egnores my dad" ~ I think I snorted! Traci