Kindergarten Field Trip

Ever since the day Mrs. Jackson sent the note home with the Kindergarten class informing parents about the upcoming field trip for her class, Cambree Jane had a nightly countdown until "field trip day." I think it was something like EIGHT days....an eternity for any 6 year old who is about to embark on her very first school field trip.


The note told about their plans to travel to the big metropolis of Dodge City by school bus where they would visit the Zoo (yes, Dodge does have a small zoo) eat a picnic lunch and play at the park and then enjoy one game of bowling at Spare Time Bowling. It seems like each and every afternoon Cambree would talk about her field trip and inform me of the precise order in which they planned to enjoy their day. Zoo, Park, Bowling.


Eventually it was the night before the field trip and time to pack her lunch. That was also a long wait for her as she asked to pack her lunch the day the note came home! Enthusiasm?!

For her lunch she packed the following:

  • Homemade Pizza
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Bottled Water
  • String Cheese
  • Dill Pickle spear

I was trying to be quick and get on to bedtime so I was just putting the items in the lunch bag haphazardly, but she was NOT going to stand for that! She quickly informed me that, "Mom, I am just going to take this stuff out and organize it back into the lunch bag." My heart secretly skipped a beat and I told her to go right ahead!!


The next morning it was finally time to wake up and get ready for the trip. Of course, this would be the day that she insists on wearing her brothers hand-me-downs! Oh well, some battle aren't worth fighting. She had on the required socks and tennis shoes, so there was no harm sending her out the door in a pair of boys athletic shorts and hooded sweatshirt. She was comfortable and perfectly confident in her attire...what matters most!


One of the benefits of being at the school is that I got to watch all 20 kids coming down the hall to get on the bus. You could feel the excitement radiating out of those little bodies! She was heading the pack and she cracked me up when she got outside and saw the bus. She turned around to her classmates and said, "What? That's a SHORT bus!"


Oh well! Not to be discouraged they marched on, loaded that SHORT bus and headed out West to Dodge City!



She told me that night that her favorite thing was the park. Why? "Because their monkey bars are AWESOME! You should see what I could do on them!"

I love this girl to pieces....if I haven't mentioned that before!


Becky said...

OhMYGOSh! Her little smile makes ME smile!! What a beautiful little soul she is!

Melanie said...

How fun!! Devin got to go on his kindergarden field trip..and then proceeded to use his ONE sick day per year. .on the day of this first grade AND second grade field trips. .This year, he started worrying about being sick the week of his Thursday field trip. .we were SOOOO thankful that he was WELL! Glad she enjoyed her day!

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl! True Story. Little Olympics last week. Ashlind comes down in denim shorts. Don't you want to wear something easier to run in? He says, "Atleigh wore my best athletic shorts to school yesterday! I wish someone would doe something about that kid." Gotta love the little sisters! Traci