Born an Eagle

Every 3 years my little hometown {not the one I was born in, but the one I grew up in} has a little celebration called "Come On Home".

Meaning, Come on back ya'll!!

Of course, for those of us who still live in our smalltown, it's not far of a stretch. But there are people, like my cousin Marion, who come wholeheartedly home and enjoy every stinkin' ounce of the weekend.

The weekend is full of fun things to do:


Class reunions

Street Dances

School Reunions and dinners


Chicken Noodle Dinners

Breakfast in the park

This year through the power of Facebook, a former Eagle Grad, Delana Maris Long organized a Girls of the 90's float. And it was SOOOOO much fun! She told us to meet at the park with a bag of candy {which I promptly forgot} and wearing our old uniforms. From several different responses I learned that she would be showing her EAGLE pride in her old basketball uniform. I only thought it fitting to track down an old CHS cheer uniform and show these young folks what school spirit is really all about!!!


My Coldwater BFF, Lindsay brought her trumpet and played pep band songs....PRICELESS!!


You can see her on the far left!! She is so much fun to be around; I {heart} her!!

The best part was that she would start playing and the rest of the group would start laughing, causing her to laugh and mess up the song!


We laughed


and cheered


and sang the school song {after we pieced it together from the parts each of us could remember}


and strutted our stuff when people hooted and hollered from the crowd!!

It was by far the most fun I have had in a LONG, long time.

I will try to recount who all was on our float
Delana Maris Long
Nicci Huck Jellison
Sara Crowe Wyatt
Lindsay Haynes Martin
Erin Haynes Middleton
Jennifer Byram Foos
Jess Fose Martin
Lindsay Basnett Rockenbaugh
Sara Cornelius Stapleton
Janna Smith Wiseley        }

*Someone comment and help me fill in Erin and Jana's married names.

We presented every year of the 90's except 97 and 98!

Us big girls weren't the only ones sporting the Red and White Pride!


Cambree and I organized an "our dad was an "Eagle" bike rally on Saturday morning before the parade!

Okay, it was just the two girls, but they can be a force to be reckoned with!


Cambree in her Dad's Eagle jersey #23 and Carlie in her Dad's Eagle jersey #81!

I don't think Jeremy would ever admit to it, but I think it was sort of special seeing his little girl 'representing'!!

There were plenty of other great floats or entries in the parade as well.

My cousin Marion...


Her kids are "OZSOME" and want to do this sort of thing!!


{That little pretty right there. I'll get her!!}

Our Grand Marshals: Eldon & Marie Hecht.

They attend our church. We love them!


Tessa on her miniature horse {or pony, I really don't know the difference} and the cutest little cart. I want one!


Wayland, Koby and Joseph show off the camaro!


Fire trucks with American Flags flying high!


There were lots more things, but Jeremy was trying to multi-task and didn't get a picture of every thing. I think he did a WONDERFUL job though and I am so thankful he let me ride down memory lane one more glorious time!!

Born an Eagle, Bred and Eagle
'Till I die I'll be an Eagle Fan!!


Becky said...

Aw man! I would have TOTALLY represented 97, I just didn't know about it! =( How fun!! Love that red and white!!! You don't know how much you miss it, until you see something like this!!

Melissa said...

That looks like soooo much fun!!! What a blast!